Nature's treasures

These autumn afternoons are the most beautiful ones in our lives. We’ve not seen so many different colors before. Every time we go for a walk at the end of the day, we come back home with Nature’s treasures.

It has been raining at the beginning of the week. It’s quite warm these days, so we have been picking field mushrooms. Looking for mushrooms we can eat is one of the pleasant things we can do as a family. Last night, we ate the first ones of this autumn with some potatoes. They were delicious.

We still can find some flowers in the fields, but not that much. However, there are plenty of other kind of Nature’s treasures as beautiful leaves, birds feathers or dried fruits from trees. Sometimes, we keep most beautiful ones for Sacha’s notebook, a kind of diary we are writing to him, where he’ll be able to read about our forest walks, daily life and souvenirs.