Autumn and chestnuts

We’ve been travelling for a while. Having holidays under the sun during September is a kind of benefit. We have gone to the beach, read some books, visit the family and friends… and enjoyed Spanish and Portuguese dishes and wines.

We left home with fruits in the garden. Being back, the forest is now totally different, full of read, brown, yellow and green colors. I guess if I had to chose a season, the most beautiful one, I’d say autumn (even if spring is for me the warmest one).

We went for a walk after working all day. The sun was almost gone when we realized a lot of chestnuts had already fallen from the trees. It was the first time Sacha saw some. We’ve not done it yet, but I’m already looking forward to sitting by the fireplace. It is the kind of calm I imagine for a relaxing afternoon: the autumn, family, books, chestnuts and a fireplace to sit by.