Sara Herrera Peralta
Sara Herrera Peralta
writer - graphic designer

This is who I am

Hello! My name is Sara Herrera Peralta (or Sara Hepe, a funnier version which keeps my origins in it). I was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain, 1980) and I spent my whole infancy in Trebujena, my father’s family native village. I’m a poet (I have had 10 poetry books already published), graphic designer, crafter and I’m enthusiastic about flamenco, photography and collage. I’m kind of obsessed with colors and I’m deeply interested in everything which is manufactured: my creations always aim to a fresh, relaxed and funny style. I believe, as Szymborska did, that humor is a good choice in life so irony is present in my poetic work too. The mixture of my passion for literature and the graphic design makes me look for editorial projects: I love working with books, magazines and every other project with something to do with words. Very little from this nice stuff is really feedstuff so in order to buy food I work as a Creative Communication Expert in the Communications department of a private company. I’m also the co-founder of the creative project Poetic Gnocchi, together with the Italian-Argentinean artist Martina Moscariello and I was the co-director and designer of Blusa, a feminist magazine on creation and essays, together with the writer and journalist Carmen G. de la Cueva.

Being almost trilingual in Spanish, French and English, I work out of my working hours as a graphic designer, as a French-Spanish translator and as a Community manager. You can check all my formation and experience in my Linkedin profile and you can contact me at if you want to talk about any project or collaboration.

I’m living now in Toulouse. Apart from my childhood cities, Jerez and Trebujena, I’ve lived in many other ones like San Sebastián, Dublin, Grenoble, Helsinki, Málaga, Paris or London (it brings me bad luck). I’m not superstitious but I trust on astrology and my stomach. You may see the idea of “world citizen” a little cheesy (so do I), but I really think one belongs to the places she lives in and the people coming on the road.

I’m not good at choosing, prioritizing or doing less than three things at a time. However, if I have to choose one among all my passions it would be travelling. I want to die with the feeling of having been in at least half the countries I dream of. It is not only for the places but for the people, mainly. If I dream of desert landscapes and pieces of sea I have not bath in yet, I dream even more of meeting tons of people from different origins and cultures. Maybe because my biggest defect-virtue is my curiosity, I feel attracted by everything strange and unknown. I would not mind dying while dancing any “palo” of flamenco neither. I’m not the dancer I would like to yet because I’m a bad Andalusian and I started to dance in Paris but I insist on improving my stamp and I’m quite good at moving my hands (probably because my former piano teacher harped on my fingers).

I truly love eating, too. As pure as that, said in infinitive and without substantives: I love absolutely everything except artichokes. French fries are my soft spot. Few years ago I was diagnosed from celiac disease. That brought me to the amazing world of crossed contamination and nowadays I’m a grocery expert (I like cucumbers). That’s why you will find many “gluten-free” illustrations in this website.

I like to use my holidays and the little spare time I find after hours and hours at the office to take part in non-profitable projects. I think we all have some time to help our fellows but I also think we should not worry about those If we are not able to take care of the ones we have close in our lives. 

I have three mamas women: Louise BourgeoisWislawa Szymborska and Frida Kahlo. They have taught me how to delve in the past to calmly build the future, how to understand the hard parts or how to manage to grow in the storms. Yes, I’m a feminist.

There is not much more to say. Despite all of its different sections, this web exists because of poetry. I’m not as multi-skilled as some may think. At the end of the day poetry, illustration, flamenco or photography are all parts of the same thing: curiosity and stories. That is the reason of everything: because I’m curious and I like to tell stories. I strongly believe in the power of words. Regrettably, maybe words are not powerful enough to change or save lives but they are able to comm(us)nicate in a more honest way compared to the actual system we are involved in. It’s been a while since I’m determined to search THE BEAUTY. Poetry has been my medicine and my champagne. Together with meditation, it is a wide part of my parties, my happiness or my vendettas.