Caramelo culebra.jpeg

Caramelo culebra.

NOVEDAD. Poesía. La Bella Varsovia, 2019. A LA VENTA EL 1 DE JULIO DE 2019.

“La reflexión sobre la importancia de la escritura, la maternidad como bálsamo y también como desafío, el compromiso con una sociedad que desdeña el lugar que habita y a quienes la componen”.

Ilustración de cubierta: María Melero.

portada_gr (1).jpg

Hombres que cantan nanas al amanecer y comen cebolla.

POESÍA. La Bella Varsovia, 2016 - 2ª edición, 2017.

“Ángel González, Valente, Gelman, Miguel Hernández o Wislawa Szymborska son luces brillando en el cielo nocturno de esta poesía”. Ana Abelenda. La Voz de Galicia.

Ilustración de cubierta: María Melero.


"My grandma says that cucumber makes us happier and that it removes wrinkles.”

Hi! My name is Sara Herrera Peralta, I’m a writer (well, actually I’m a poet exploring other literary genres) and graphic designer (who loves making things). I was born in Jerez de la Frontera (1980, Spain) and I spent my whole infancy in Trebujena, my father's family native village. I’m currently living in Cazals, a 600 inhabitants village in the South of France, where I’ve moved after living in several European countries, in cities as San Sebastián, Helsinki, Málaga, Paris, London or Toulouse. 

I’ve published eleven books of poetry, three of them prize-winning: the most recent are Caramelo culebra / Candy snake (La Bella Varsovia, 2019) and Hombres que cantan nanas al amanecer y comen cebolla / Men who sing lullabies at dawn and eat onions (La Bella Varsovia, 2016 – second edition).  My novel, Arroz Montevideo / Montevideo Rice, came out in 2016 and was selected in the 31st edition of the Chambéry's First Novel Festival (France) as one of the best first Spanish novels of the year. My poems have been translated into English, French, Italian, Portuguese or Esperanto.

I’m the co-founder and content creator of the creative project Du bois à la maison, a blog about eco-living, arts, feminism, crafts, healthy eating, gluten-free food (because of my coeliac disease) and local production, as well as an online shop proposing bio-jewelry, eco-friendly stationery, illustration and photography prints, and other conscious and handmade collections. 10% of annual profits go to environmental and women empowerment non-profit projects.