I’m the designer and co-founder of the creative project Poetic Gnocchi, together with the Italian-Argentinean artist Martina Moscariello.

Poetic Gnocchi mixes little-big handmade stuff with colors and words. Main creatures are good-luck charms, toys for children of all ages. We have also created home decor and accessories as well as stationary products.

The collection main characters are gnocchis, good-luck charms, which live in a magic world full of fantasy and houses made of pots. When you purchase them, they spread a halo of positive energy that protects humans. Each of them has its own story, which you can read and discover in our brand catalogue.

Photos: Samuel Capdeville. © Poetic Gnocchi.

Catalogue Poetic Gnocchi 2016 FR avec fond perdu 17.jpg